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Embodied Leadership


When we feel more connected to ourselves and to others it is easier to make the right choices and to navigate in life. Getting more embodied helps us discover new things about ourselves, our relationships and the systems that we are part of (family, organizations, society etc). On this course our focus will be to build inner capacities for leadership and change.


The course

Focusing on the body helps us to be present, the body is here and now. We will explore the capacity to really be present in the situation and lean into the needs and the potential that is always present in every situation.

We listen to the body, get in dialogue with it and move the awareness down in the body—a journey from head to body, from delimitation to openness and wholeness. We also listen to the “social body” that we as a group form—what does it want? How does it feel? How can we contribute? Together we explore what it means to be human—our patterns, our habits, and the possibilities that we have to influence our lives and systems.


“SPT is a unique way to explore the intelligence of the body. To practice my responsiveness to what arises between me and my fellow human beings and become aware of how I affect others just by my presence.”

– course participant


The practices

We will introduce you to a modern Nordic meditation path, with roots in depth psychology, Tibetan Buddhism and values such as democracy, gender equality and sustainability. It is an inclusive, stripped-down, deep and complex method based on the Danish meditation teacher Jes Bertelsen’s work.

The other method we will use is Social Presencing Theater (SPT). SPT is a form of mindfulness in motion, that helps to make visible and explore social systems and change processes. It is also a method for personal and group development, as it helps practitioners to see their own role and contribution in the system. The method cultivates important capacities for better relationships, self-leadership, change and understanding of social systems.


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En sommardag på Resursgården

Tid för både samtal och tystnad

10.00 – 12.00 Självutveckling, meditationspraktik och livspraktik

Vad är det egentligt vi håller på med?

På detta pass försöker vi ha lite överordnad perspektiv på den inre resan, från personligutveckling till djupare andlig träning, vad är vad, hur passar de olika pusselbitarna av träningsmetoder ihop? Hur blir träningen till en helhet?

Vi varvar övningar och meditation med föreläsning och dialog.


12.00 – 14.00 Lunch, samtal och trädgård

Lunch med soppa, sallad, nybakat bröd.

Tid för samtal och kanske en promenad i den stora, vackra trädgården eller om du vill ha en rundvisning på gården.


14.00 – 16.00 Om meditationsretreat

Hur kan man använda det att vara i retreat för att fördjupa sin meditationspraktik.

Exempel på hur man kan lägga upp ett retreat?

Vanliga utmaningar och saker att tänka på.

Lite om hur det kan se ut att sitta i retreat här på Resusgården.

Vi varvar övningar och meditation med föreläsning och dialog.


Från kl. 09.00 är det fika


Kursledare: Anders Fabricius, han har tränat meditation i närmare 40 år. De senaste 19 åren har han mottagit undervisning från den danska meditationsläraren Jes Bertelsen som leder meditationscentret Vækstcenteret.

Bed & meditation

Vill du komma dagarna innan eller stanna efter finns det möjlighet att vara på ”Bed & meditation”

Är du intresserad hör av dig på mejl anders@fabriciusresurs.se

Läs mer om kursen här!

Anmäl dig här!

What is Adult development?

We would like to share this lecture in English with you. Kristian Stålne is a researcher in construction engineering and adult development at Malmö University. He is also one of the great authors that we have had the fortune to work together with – we have published Kristian’s book on adult development in Swedish at our micro publishinghouse, Fabricius Resurs.

In this lecture Kristian explains what the research field adult development is. We find it is very interesting to see what research can teach us about personal development and personal maturity as well as about how we understand and make sense of the world at different stages of our lives.

The lecture was recorded and made available by the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company (UR). Kristian gave the lecture at the Dare to develop everyone conference in Stockholm, in April 2019. The conference was arranged by: Stiftelsen Ekskäret.

Kristian’s book is called Vuxen men inte färdig. Vuxenutveckling – stadier av komplexitet och mening which in english would be something like Adult but not finished / completed. Adult development – stages of complexity and meaning. Unfortunately, the book is only available in Swedish at this point.

Hur fan tänker folk egentligen?

Har du någon gång varit i en situation där du tänkt: – Hur fan tänker folk egentligen? Varför kan inte folk agera mer vuxet? I det här videoklippet och blogginlägget beskriver Kristian Stålne varför man bör läsa hans bok ”Vuxen men inte färdig. Vuxenutveckling – stadier av komplexitet och mening”. Och vad ska man med vuxenutveckling till?

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