What is Adult development?

We would like to share this lecture in English with you. Kristian Stålne is a researcher in construction engineering and adult development at Malmö University. He is also one of the great authors that we have had the fortune to work together with – we have published Kristian’s book on adult development in Swedish at our micro publishinghouse, Fabricius Resurs.

In this lecture Kristian explains what the research field adult development is. We find it is very interesting to see what research can teach us about personal development and personal maturity as well as about how we understand and make sense of the world at different stages of our lives.

The lecture was recorded and made available by the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company (UR). Kristian gave the lecture at the Dare to develop everyone conference in Stockholm, in April 2019. The conference was arranged by: Stiftelsen Ekskäret.

Kristian’s book is called Vuxen men inte färdig. Vuxenutveckling – stadier av komplexitet och mening which in english would be something like Adult but not finished / completed. Adult development – stages of complexity and meaning. Unfortunately, the book is only available in Swedish at this point.

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