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SPT and Meditation

– Reconnecting to our collective source

The three SPT teachers Andrea Chlopczik, Liv Fabricius, and Anders Fabricius started collaborating through a shared interest around investigating and deepening the relation between SPT and meditation practice. In this article they will share some thoughts about SPT and meditation, as well as how they work together.

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Tiny steps and nano-practice.

For most of us who deal with SPT professionally, this year of the pandemic has been a year of cancelled events and courses. Myself, I am a bit too old and conservative to go online with SPT, I haven’t been tempted. For me SPT is something you do in person. SPT is, as I see it, something where all my senses are active… Online seems odd and two dimensional to me. I want to tell you about two tiny episodes from the zone of what is possible offline, tiny steps and nano-practice, valuable tiny pearls that I carry in my heart.

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The Inner Capacities for Change

At the end of July 2019, eight participants from five different countries joined us in Sweden for the first Social Presencing Theater (SPT) Summer Retreat. A small-scale five days program to conduct an in-depth exploration of the capacities that can be cultivated through practicing SPT. To help deepen the practice we added meditation and experiences in nature. The retreat brought “subtle big change” as one of the participants put it, and despite of meeting challenges along the way – there was a shared sense of deep gratitude for the experience.

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Pionjärer söker pionjärer

Vi på Fabricius Resurs söker pionjärer som vågar testa någonting helt nytt. Vi arbetar med någonting som heter Social Presencing Theater (SPT) och The Art of Making a True Move. Du har förmodligen ingen aning om vad det är, om det är fallet så är det inget konstigt med det eftersom det bara har hållits ett litet antal grundkurser i SPT i Sverige – i Malmö – och metoderna är inte särskilt kända ute i världen heller. Det är just därför vi pionjärer söker pionjärer.

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