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SPT Deep Dive – Summer Retreat in Sweden

augusti 7 kl 09:00 - augusti 11 kl 16:00


Read Coronavirus update below!

Social Presencing Theater (SPT) and meditation as sources of deeper Life Skills.

Capacity building and deepening of the practice, through:

The intention

• Deepen the relationship between meditation and SPT
• Develop previous individual practice
• Exploring deeper landscapes of social fields
• Get time and space to invite and stay with the not knowing

The Deep Dive Retreat will focus on deepening previous training. With emphasis on getting more clarity, inspiration and connection between meditation practice and SPT / embodiment practice. Explore how the two kind of practices can enrich each other and your daily life and work. The focus will be less on how you can apply the tools in your context, and more about how you can develop, apply and polish the inner capacities and life skills that you can acquire through the practice itself. We refine our capacities of getting and staying in touch with ourselves, others and nature.

The basic frames will be like a meditation retreat – we limit our contacts with the outside world in order to deepen our individual and collective journey. We reconnect with our most natural (re)sources by turning our attention towards ourselves. The connection to nature will be an important part of the Retreat and we will involve both the garden and the wild nature in the area throughout the program. We work in a balance between teaching and exercises, dialog and silence, movement and stillness.

Teachers / Hosting team

Your hosts at the SPT Summer Retreat will be Anders Fabricius, Liv Fabricius and Vivian Fabricius.

All three of us have long experience as well as advanced training in SPT and meditation. We also have a background studying and using Theory U and we have all practiced different kinds of embodied awareness practices such as martial arts, Qigong or Tai Chi.

Anders Fabricius; SPT teacher, bodyworker, gardener and teacher on meditation courses and retreats. He has more than 40 years of meditation practice and embodied awareness training – Tai Chi and Qigong. Nature has always been an integrated part of his practice. For the past 19 years, Anders has been training Dzogchen meditation with the Danish meditation teacher Jes Bertelsen. As a teacher, Anders main interest is to carry out training in a simple and effective way, without compromising on depth and complexity.

Liv Fabricius; SPT teacher. She holds a Master of Science with a major in Quality Management and Leadership (earned with a thesis on Theory U). She has been training Dzogchen meditation with the Danish meditation teacher Jes Bertelsen since 2005. Liv have focused on improving the pedagogical approach to SPT, with the intention of making the practice more accessible. She has developed methods that removes or reduces common hurdles and helps the practitioners to reach the deeper layers of the practice.

Vivian Fabricius; advanced SPT practitioner with more than 40 years of meditation practice. She is educated reflexology therapist and have been teaching Qigong and Tai Chi. She is the hostess of the retreat place itself and will be responsible for practical things like food and accommodation during the SPT Summer Retreat.

Detailed information

For more information and practical details, please read the full invitation here: Invitation SPT Deep Dive – Summer Retreat in Sweden

Applications are sent to info@fabriciusresurs.se including a brief description of your previous experience with SPT, meditation and Theory U. Last day to apply is June 1st 2020.

Coronavirus update

At this point we stick to the intention of going ahead with the SPT Deep Dive retreat. There is a lot of uncertainty about how things will unfold the coming months, but until we know more we will go ahead with our plans and hope that the situation will have stabilized by the end of July. We also want to inform potential participants that you will get a full refund if we must cancel the retreat and that we will take the final decision 4-6 weeks before the start of the course – in dialogue with the participants that have signed up. Please contact us if you have further questions!


augusti 7 kl 09:00
augusti 11 kl 16:00
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