Etikett: SPT Poetry

A Deeper Longing

A deeper longing.
Feeling the social field move me, move within me, being moved.
A sudden sense of connection across the room.
The soft touch of a warm back on my shoulder.
Reconnecting to earth, heavy feet, sunshine in my eyes.
Soft front, strong back. I can take you all in without stumbling.
I hold the room – I am the room, the space expands.
The movement of a hand grows into a symphony of arms.
It is all an invitation. 
My truth, your truth, our truth.
The field becomes alive with that what we feed it. 
The shadows are dancing on the wall. 
The eyes of my back feel you.
We are creating together. Is the impulse mine or is it yours?
The division gets blurry, makes no sense, it is as it is. 
Rewriting the rules as we crawl to the center, through a crowd and out.
In the end it is always there within my grasp. 
The longing. I belong.
The subtle message gets washed away as the mind starts to wander.
My deeper longing, I was just there…

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